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x-posted from my journal

I'm sick.  It was going to happen eventually, I overwork myself and overmom myself. and BAM.

I can't eat anything w/o making a 100 yard sprint for my bathroom, I feel better when I sleep, otherwise I feel like I'm on ice (shakes and chills).

My nose is runny, my gut aches something fierce. Pepto-bismol is my best friend.

This means I'm in my pajamas I got for Christmas and Robert's coming over to babysit until my mom comes home from work.

I've called Landon, his mom and granparents to let them know that Kaylee and I aren't coming today for "fake Christmas". lilylivered:
I won't be able to work on anything until I feel better, so there's going to be even more of a delay on your diapers and suprise longies. :(

I'm sorry.

Colorful Tea Happenings

After much deliberation, I have decided that in the best of interests, I won't be accepting any more custom slots or doing anymore trades for custom diapers after this current batch I'm working on, until I am completely finished.

After this current batch of customs, I may close for good after nearly 3 months of business, or tighten my custom slot amounts in order to prevent any further mental and physical exhaustion on my part.

If I do stay open, I will be raising my prices due to materials costs and a lack of profit.

Thank you!

Materials Update!

The microfleece and OV came in the mail today (like 15 minutes ago because my PO is wicked awesome and never comes before 3:30 ever)!

So I'm going to get jellho's order and lilylivered's order all marked out and cut out tonight, and sewn up over the next week or so.

ktarsha's order is already taken care of and in it's way, with a $5.00 voucher enclosed in the polymailer. :)

Everyone else, I bought the supplies to make wool wash and Bumbath today and have one bar of wool wash done (It's a generous amount)!

Materials Delay!

Because my Microfleece and Organic Velour order has been grossly delayed and won't be here until after Christmas, the following mommas orders will be affected:

jellho, ktarsha, lilylivered

I feel awful about the delay, so I'm going to add something for free to each of your orders.

What do each of you want to have added to your orders?

  1. 6-pack of wipes and bumbath
  2. microfleece topped hemp contoured doubler
  3. 'Tea woolwash bar
  4. a voucher with a code that will give you $5.00 off your next order
I would have posted a poll, but LJ is being evil and won't let me.

Thanks, mommas! [Unknown LJ tag]

back open for Customs!

The 'cart is back open for Custom slots on everything, the sale's been extended until New Year's Eve.

I added something new to the Pocket Diaper custom slots in-stock....

10 packs of diapers for an insane price (try 10 mediums (I thought it was larges, but it isn't. Because I'm undercaffienated. ~again~) for 66.25 (that's half of the actual cost, y'all!) and free onesized hemp inserts!).

There's only one ten pack instock right now, so get it while it's in-stock!

If I bought some co-op prefolds and dyed them all pretty, would y'all buy them if I sold them with a matching snappi?
How much would you buy 6 hand-dyed Unbleached Chinese prefolds for?

p.s.: Cotton Velour contours anyone? :D

and there's a new addition to the fabric family!

Alexander Henry Tattoo print with the Tea coloured background (It works for both boys and girls)

Customs list

If I keep track of who's all on my customs list so far for after the 15th, I just might avoid being buried again and remain open for more time inbetween stockings...

So far, the customs list looks like this:

itsjustmeb - one large pocket diaper

serendipitylove - more covers

lilylivered - A big box of probably everything in my store...

I finally tried out the pocket diaper that was custom-made for me by bio_stilettoes. I was postponing the breathlessly anticipated inevitable for as long as possible so that I could rub my face in the kitten-soft microfleece inner. For just $3 (shipping cost), I received fashion and function in one tiny cloth package - the diaper was blue camoflauge (fuck yeah!) with velcro closure, and it fit him perfectly. Three hours after I put it on him, I broke down and changed him, although the diaper did not even feel remotely damp. Fuzzi Bunz now cost $17.95 a pop new - whereas you can get a custom-made cloth diaper, sewn specifically for your baby with love, from Colorful Tea at a better price!

Fuck yeah, this is a shameless plug. I gaze droolingly at her HyenaCart on a daily basis (in fact, for those of you interested, I think she is having a 20% off sale on hemp inserts). I dream of buying several pocket diapers from her as well as a couple of covers for the prefolds that I have, and maybe asking her to make some contoured diapers with inserts already sewn in, as she sent me a few diapers of that style and I loved them - oh yeah, and some soakers, too. Hell, not only are her diapers great, SHE is great. She sent me enough diapers to cloth diaper my son full-time for only $5 - some very nice ones, at that. She also gave me excellent instructions on how to wash my diapers. bio_stilettoes, you have a die-hard customer & advertiser in me now - I even recommended you to an acquaintance who came to drop off some stuff for Jedi, and had mentioned wanting to purchase some AIOs for nighttime diapering. :D

diaper done!

itsjustmeb, here's your pocket diaper! :D

I made the touchtape childproof and with a laundry tab! It'll be going out today in the mail and I'm sending it global priority. :)


colorful tea grand opening

December 1st is the designated day for the Hyena Cart's Grand Opening!

I'm still working on getting everything squared away and making some changes that may affect business.

Due to the cost of materials used in the items, I unfortunately have to raise my prices by $1.25 US and shorten the time that the coupon codes are redeemable. I apologise for the inconvenience this may cause you.

Please feel free to ask me any questions!

have a great day!

- Megan