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Knits for sale!

Just in time for Valentine's Day, too!

A Sweetheart of a Set!

S/M handknitted soaker using my exclusive Bottoms Up Soaker pattern, featuring a doubleknit crotch for extra wetzone protection, short rows for ample cloth booty room and ribbed cuffs to keep everything contained. This soaker comes with a crocheted drawstring not pictured. Yarn Hand-dyed by Heather over at The Yarn Goddess in her "Red Rainbow" colourway.

Infant prefold, hand-dyed and embellished with a strip of Candy hearts cotton woven fabric, perfect for Valentine's Day!

$35.00 for the set

1st class shipping: 2.65
Priority: 4.65
International: please leave a comment with your whereabouts and I'll get you a shipping quote!

I strongly encourage purchasing insurance for this item, but do not require it. I am not responsible for lost and / or damaged packages once they are in the possession of the United States Postal Service. All Items are under Service Warranty for 60 days after you have received them.

let's wake up this dead community!

holy cow, this community is dead. Haven't posted since July...

where to start... Colorful Tea is still in business, with a focus on the knitting, more so than the diapers. Since the last post, I've packed up and moved over 1,000 miles to the Northern Panhandle of Idaho where it's currently 3 degrees above 0 outside.  geez it's cold!

At this time, I'm full-up for any customs or diaper orders until March... I will do some quick knits to stimulate my mind and fingers when I need a rut-shaker and post those here and on both Hyenacart and Etsy. You'll also find some simple crocheted goods on both shops as well, since I feature items from the Sunflower Crochet co., which is run by my mama. :)

There's some instock goodies up for grabs right now at the main shop on Hyenacart that are looking for good homes!

This year, I'll be offering a small selection of Wool Care items to keep your wool in great shape and smelling yummy.

For the Hyenacart stalkers, look for me in the Spotted Box in the future!

Thanks for reading! :-D

issues with the US post system

The USPS has increased the postage prices again. This means that the shipping quotes that I gave most of you are actually less than what they are now. It's around $12.00 US to ship a package priority from California internationally.

I apologise for the slowness in the shipping of your tester items.

Thanks Mommas!


As I've said before, my computer is currently broken and thus makes getting any updates or shipping slow if best.

So far I've received two paypal payments out of the entire list of testers:



These will be put in the mail tomorrow. Please expect them in your mailboxes by next week or the week after that, dependent on your whereabouts.

In your polymailer you'll find:

Your tester diaper

The questionnaire that you'll need to fill out and post here upon completion

Invoice for records purposes only (this helps me keep track of what's going where and to whom it's being shipped to)

The purpose of these tester diapers is to see if I'm going to remain in business. Your feedback is of the utmost importance. If the feedback is negative, I will be closing up shop to focus permanently on my hairdressing career and selling my HyenaCart, snap press and other equipment.

Thanks again mommas for your patience and willingness to test these diapers!


More Happenings

Finally back on my boyfriend's computer... (So if you get a comment from RupertValintino in your e-mail inbox, that's my boyfriend's LJ username and the comment's from me.)

I'm getting the diapers done and I've only got two more to do and that's it.

Here's my paypal address (I accept funded and CC both, if you want to include fees, please use ppcalc.com to figure them out!):


Once I receive the shipping cost, I'll ship out the diaper and enclose the questionnaire with it. Simply post the questionnaire here when you've completed testing. :)

Please make note that I've got the most insanely tight WAHM budget. My tax return was very small and there was no room for any new spiffy machinery purchases. The edges on some of the diapers may look "raw" but they won't fall apart.

Testers Update!

To bring everyone up to speed on happenings:

1. My computer is KAPUT. I borrow friends and family's, so this'll make any updates slow ones.

2. I have 3 of the diapers finished. These are the larges for:



Khristle (signed up late for testing)

these will go out as soon as I hear from y'all if you're still CDing. There's an optional $1.50 materials fee since I had to order more PUL and inner fabrics, but postage is as follows:

CAN: $6.25 for Global Priority (this is my standard way of shipping International)

USA: $4.05 for priority, 1.35 for first class

DC is only available in the US, as we all know. DC is included on shipping in US.

The only question I have for y'all is: Do you think that ruffle-legged diapers are GN or strictly girly? I'll admit that the mock-ups I've done for not-ruffle legged diapers look odd and I'm considering doing away with not-ruffle legged ones altogether.

Back to sewing more diapers!

instock longies!

I knitted these up during the past two weeks out of some 100purewool I bought from yarny_bits

During the past two weeks, every single diaper cover, pocket diaper and AIO started to leak. I've tried stripping them, etc. You name it, I've tried it. They still leak.

So in order to help redo the entire stash (except for the prefolds, fitteds and wool) I'm selling these longies, since Kaylee's biological father refuses to pay child support but spends $400.00 on a brand new X-box 360 plus AV, ethernet cables and games.

Longies details:
2x2 ribbed waistband, iCord drawstring, short rows (these are goofy looking, but don't affect the function) and seed stitch cuffs.

approximate at rest measurements:

Waist: 16"
Rise: 16"
Inseam: 8"

price with 10% discount: $31.50 including first class shipping with Delivery Confirmation.

At this point, I'm perfectly open to any offers, since the diaper stash took a majour blow. (down to 1 dozen prefolds, around 8 fitteds and 3 pairs of OVERWORKED woolies. That's enough for one day of diapering)

Lanolising available upon request, please be advised that this will extend shipping up to 5 days after purchasing.

Thanks for looking, y'all!

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One Big Order

It's been long in the making, but lilylivered's order is finally done!

14 diapers and some woolies behind the cut!Collapse )

Enjoy the diapers, Jena dear!

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colorful tea happenings

Since the last posting in the community, I've gotten requests from mommas to be testers.

Thank you mommas!

I now have a satisfactory amount of testers to start with, so as of January 25th, 2007, the tester list is officially closed. This way, there'll be a better one-on-one ratio inbetween y'all and me.

I've received measurements from the following mommas:



The following mommas are on my tester list, but have not submitted their DC's measurements:



liss07 (you've got plenty of time since you're still expecting your baby)

I'll be using the measurements submitted to get a really good idea for how much of a growthspan to have per size, so that these diapers will fit better, for longer.

If your DC's measurements have changed inbetween now and the time when I'll be constructing the diapers, please let me know!

Thank you mommas!